Sept. 30, 2014 Conferences



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11:40am - 12:20pm           Innovation, a strategic imperative 

Yves SCHMITT - Innovation Manager Allizé Plasturgie

Not need to be a creative genius or to have chance to innovate. We can also show method and systematism. Innovation can be organized! Innovation enables the conquest of new markets, differentiation, success in a highly competitive environment. To be successful, your business must be structured in its operating with an operational process for promoting participation of its employees and the emergence of new products or services. Whatever the goal target: new product, new service, new marketing method or innovative organization, it is with organized and piloted process that you will get results.This workshop brings you the keys to understanding the operational process to meet the requirement of innovation, and you will understand the interest and limitations of innovation as a strategic tool for promoting your business performance.


2:00pm - 2:40pm         A visionary analysis of plastic industry challenges: elements of technology roadmap toward 2020

Patrick Vuillermoz, Plastipolis Managing Director

PLASTIPOLIS has been officially appointed in 2005, as France’s competitiveness cluster for the plastics industry sector. Plastipolis has now more than 400 active members (industrial firms, R&D centers, universities, training centers, institutions) including a large number of small and medium size companies. The main missions of Plastipolis are:
· The stimulation of innovation within the plastics industry with connecting technologies and business applications
· The support of small and medium companies in the plastics industry in new developments
· The improvement of the cooperations between industrial and academic entities and the establishments of partnerships
In particular, Plastipolis has built its innovation strategy across different strategic technology domains that have been defined in connection with trends and challenges of the major business markets: construction, transportation, medical, packaging, energy and environment, sport and consumer goods.
After a detailed and extensive analysis conducted in 2012 and 2013, Plastipolis and its members have designed a 2020 technology roadmap aiming to drive the innovation efforts toward the most relevant and promising challenges. This roadmap that is now under implementation is organized on 4 main strategic areas:
· Advanced materials
· High added value manufacturing processes
· Smart plastics
· Green materials and eco-design
4:20pm - 5:00pm          Which breakthrough for vegetable fibres in extruded and injected materials?

Anne LE DUC – In charge of Material Innovation - Fibres Recherche Développement



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