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6th edition of Plastipolis will take place at the same time as Plastics Meetings on June 28-29 Consult the program that has been put together by the research centre for the plastics industry, Plastispolis.


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2016 Program

13.30 - 14.40 Welcome coffee

14.40 - 15.40

Plastipolis General Assembly
Small meeting room
15.40 - 16.20 Coffee break
16.20 - 18.30
Session 1:  Overview of potential future developments in the plastics and composites industry
2 small meetings rooms
New materials Innovative manufacturing processes
  • Have bio-based materials a future?
  • High performance materials (mechanic, dielectric, barrier properties...)
  • Milti-processes for composites
  • High speed processes for high added value products
  • Additive manufacturing
18.30 - 20.30

Cocktail hour and guided Innovation Tour

09.00 - 09.40 welcome coffee
9.40 - 11.00
Session 2 : Innovation as a value creation
  • Success stories and testimonies
  • International opportunities
  • From th eproject to th ebusiness: innovation contest (pitches)
11.00 - 11.40

Coffee break

11.40 - 12.30
Session 3 : Plastipolis 2020
  • New cluster roadmap
  • Services offer to members and partners
  • The next steps
12.30 - 13.00

Session 3 : Official closing of the forum

13.00 - 14.40 Lunch break
14.40 - 16.00 Networking time


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